Man living at the time of Exile and Return

Jeiel is a person mentioned in the book of Ezra, specifically in Ezra 10:43. From a biblical point of view, let’s delve into this individual and the context in which he is mentioned.

Jeiel is described as a man living at the time of the Exile and Return. The Exile refers to the period when the Israelites were taken captive to Babylon, and the Return signifies the time when they were allowed to go back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple under the decree of King Cyrus of Persia.

In Ezra 10:43, Jeiel is listed among those who had married foreign women, a practice that was prohibited by God for the Israelites as it led to the mixing of their faith and practices with those of the surrounding pagan nations. This intermarriage was seen as a violation of the covenant relationship between God and His people.

The name Jeiel means carried away by God or God gathers. While there is limited information about Jeiel in the Bible, his inclusion in the list of those who had married foreign women serves as a reminder of the importance of remaining faithful to God’s commands and maintaining the purity of worship and identity as His chosen people.

As believers today, we can learn from Jeiel’s story the significance of upholding God’s standards in our lives, avoiding compromise with the values of the world, and staying true to our faith even in challenging circumstances. It underscores the need for obedience to God’s Word and the dangers of straying from His commands.

In conclusion, Jeiel serves as a reminder of the consequences of disobedience and the importance of remaining faithful to God’s principles. His story encourages us to prioritize our relationship with God above all else and to seek His guidance and strength in all aspects of our lives.

May we, like Jeiel, strive to live in accordance with God’s will, trusting in His faithfulness and seeking to honor Him in all that we do.

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