Man living at the time of Divided Monarchy

Michael is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 5:14 in the Bible. In this verse, Michael is described as a man of the tribe of Gad living at the time of the Divided Monarchy. He is specifically identified as the son of Jeshishai and the father of Gilead.

From a biblical perspective, Michael’s mention in the Bible highlights the importance of genealogy and lineage within the biblical narrative. The tribe of Gad was one of the twelve tribes of Israel, and individuals like Michael played a role in the historical context of the Divided Monarchy.

Jeshishai, the father of Michael, is not mentioned elsewhere in the Bible, indicating that Michael may not have been a prominent figure in biblical history. However, his inclusion in the genealogy of the tribe of Gad underscores the significance of every individual within the larger framework of God’s plan for His people.

Gilead, the son of Michael, is also mentioned in this verse. The name Gilead carries symbolic and geographical significance in the Bible, often representing a place of healing or restoration. As the son of Michael, Gilead’s lineage within the tribe of Gad continues the narrative of God’s covenant relationship with His people.

In conclusion, Michael’s brief mention in 1 Chronicles 5:14 serves as a reminder of the intricate tapestry of individuals and families that make up the history of God’s chosen people. While he may not be a prominent figure in biblical accounts, his inclusion in the genealogy of the tribe of Gad highlights the importance of every individual in God’s redemptive plan.

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