Man living at the time of Exile and Return

Miniamin is a person mentioned in Nehemiah 12:41. From a biblical point of view, we can provide the following exhaustive and definitive Bible dictionary entry for Miniamin:

Miniamin is a figure mentioned in the book of Nehemiah, specifically in Nehemiah 12:41. He is listed among the priests and Levites who took part in the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem during the time of Nehemiah. His name is derived from the Hebrew word מִנְיָמִין (Miniamin), which means from the right hand or fortunate.

As a man living at the time of the Exile and Return, Miniamin represents one of the many individuals who played a role in the restoration of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. The Exile and Return period was a crucial time in Israel’s history, marked by the destruction of Jerusalem, the exile of the people to Babylon, and eventually, the return of the Israelites to rebuild their city and temple.

While Miniamin is only mentioned once in the Bible, his inclusion in the list of priests and Levites involved in the dedication of the wall highlights the importance of each individual’s contribution to the work of God. Even though he may not be well-known or prominent, Miniamin’s service and dedication to the Lord’s work were significant in the context of the restoration of Jerusalem.

As believers, we can learn from Miniamin’s example by faithfully serving God in whatever capacity we are called, knowing that even seemingly small or obscure tasks are valuable in the kingdom of God. The mention of Miniamin in Nehemiah serves as a reminder that God sees and values the contributions of all His people, no matter how seemingly insignificant they may appear.

In conclusion, Miniamin is a biblical figure who, though briefly mentioned, symbolizes the faithful service and dedication of individuals during the time of the Exile and Return. His inclusion in the list of priests and Levites underscores the importance of every believer’s role in the work of God, encouraging us to serve faithfully and wholeheartedly in whatever tasks we are given.

Nehemiah 12:41: The two choirs that gave thanks then took their places in the house of God; so did I, together with half the officials,
– Hebrew word for Miniamin: מִנְיָמִין (Miniamin)

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