Man living at the time of United Monarchy

Benjamin was a man of the tribe of Benjamin living during the time of the United Monarchy. He is first mentioned in 1 Chronicles 8:30 as the son of Abiel and Maacah. He had several brothers, including Kish, Ner, Abdon, Zur, Baal, Gedor, Ahio, Zecher, and Mikloth.

Benjamin’s lineage is significant as it ties him to the tribe of Benjamin, one of the twelve tribes of Israel. The tribe of Benjamin held a special place in Israel’s history, and some notable figures, such as King Saul, came from this tribe.

In the Bible, the tribe of Benjamin is often associated with strength and military prowess. For example, King Saul, the first king of Israel, was from the tribe of Benjamin (1 Samuel 9:1). Additionally, the tribe of Benjamin produced skilled warriors who were known for their proficiency in battle (1 Chronicles 8:40).

Benjamin’s inclusion in the genealogy highlights the continuity of the tribe of Benjamin throughout Israel’s history, even during the time of the United Monarchy. This lineage serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to His people and the importance of preserving the heritage of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Overall, Benjamin’s mention in the Bible underscores the significance of tribal lineage and the role of the tribe of Benjamin within the larger context of Israel’s history and identity.

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