Man living at the time of Divided Monarchy

Nethanel is a figure mentioned in the Bible in 1 Chronicles 15:24. He is described as a man living at the time of the Divided Monarchy. Nethanel’s name is derived from the Hebrew word נְתַנְאֵל (Nethan’el), which means given of God. In the King James Version, his name is rendered as Nethaneel.

During the Divided Monarchy, after the reign of King Solomon, the kingdom of Israel split into the northern kingdom of Israel and the southern kingdom of Judah. This division occurred due to the disobedience of Solomon and the subsequent rebellion of the northern tribes under Jeroboam. The period of the Divided Monarchy was marked by political turmoil, idolatry, and warfare between the two kingdoms.

Nethanel’s mention in 1 Chronicles 15:24 signifies his presence and possibly his role during this tumultuous time in Israel’s history. While the Bible does not provide extensive details about Nethanel, his inclusion in the biblical narrative highlights the diversity of individuals who lived during the Divided Monarchy era.

From a biblical perspective, Nethanel’s presence serves as a reminder of God’s sovereignty over human history and His involvement in the lives of individuals, even during times of political upheaval and spiritual decline. It underscores the importance of remaining faithful to God’s commandments and seeking His guidance amidst challenging circumstances.

In conclusion, Nethanel is a relatively obscure figure in the Bible, but his brief mention in 1 Chronicles 15:24 sheds light on the context of the Divided Monarchy period and the diverse array of individuals who lived during that time. As believers, we can draw lessons from Nethanel’s story to trust in God’s providence and remain steadfast in our faith, even in times of uncertainty and division.

1 Chronicles 15:24

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