Man living at the time of Egypt and Wilderness

Peleth, mentioned in Numbers 16:1, is a man living at the time of Egypt and the Wilderness, only mentioned in this particular verse. He is described as the son of Peleth. The name Peleth in Hebrew (פֶּלֶת) means deliverance or escape. In the context of Numbers 16:1, Peleth is associated with the rebellion led by Korah, Dathan, and Abiram against Moses and Aaron, which resulted in severe consequences as recorded in the following verses (Numbers 16:2-35).

From a biblical perspective, this brief mention of Peleth serves as a reminder of the consequences of rebellion against God-appointed authority. It highlights the importance of obedience and submission to God’s chosen leaders, as well as the consequences of going against His established order. This narrative also underscores the principle of accountability before God and the seriousness of challenging His appointed leadership.

In the broader biblical context, this account reinforces the theme of God’s sovereignty, His judgment against disobedience, and the importance of humility and obedience in the lives of believers. It also serves as a cautionary example for individuals and communities to heed God’s word and follow His ways faithfully.

As Peleth is only mentioned in this single verse, there is limited information available about him in the Bible. However, his inclusion in the narrative of rebellion against Moses and Aaron serves a significant purpose in illustrating the consequences of challenging God’s appointed leaders and the importance of faithfulness and obedience in the life of a believer.

In conclusion, Peleth’s brief mention in Numbers 16:1 provides a valuable lesson for believers today to respect and submit to God’s appointed authorities, to avoid rebellion and disobedience, and to remain faithful to God’s commands and leadership.

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