Ethnarch living at the time of the New Testament

Archelaus is a figure mentioned in the New Testament in the Gospel of Matthew 2:22. He was an ethnarch living at the time of the New Testament. Ethnarch was a title given to a ruler of a specific ethnic group or region.

Archelaus was the son of Herod the Great, a powerful and infamous ruler in the region during the time of Jesus’ birth. Herod the Great is mentioned in Matthew 2:1 as the king who sought to kill the infant Jesus. Herod’s family was complex, and he had several sons, including Herod Antipas, Herod Philip I, and Herod Philip II.

Archelaus is specifically mentioned in Matthew 2:22, where Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were planning to return to Judea but were afraid to do so because Archelaus was ruling in place of his father, Herod the Great. The family then went to Galilee instead.

From a biblical perspective, the mention of Archelaus in the Bible serves to provide historical context and detail about the political landscape during the time of Jesus’ birth. It highlights the fear and caution surrounding the rulers of the time and the divine protection over Jesus’ life.

Overall, Archelaus represents a historical figure in the New Testament narrative, adding depth and authenticity to the biblical accounts. His brief mention in the Bible emphasizes the providential care of God over Jesus and his family, guiding them away from potential harm.

As a Bible scholar, it is important to study and understand the historical and cultural context of figures like Archelaus to gain a richer understanding of the biblical narrative and the events surrounding Jesus’ life on earth.

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