What was Arpad in the Bible?

Arpad Near Hamath

Arpad is a city mentioned in the Bible, specifically in 2 Kings 18:34 and Jeremiah 49:23. From a biblical point of view, Arpad was a significant city located near Hamath, which is in present-day Syria. It was a well-known city during biblical times and was referenced in several passages in the Old Testament.

In 2 Kings 18:34, Arpad is mentioned in the context of a military threat from the Assyrian army against the people of Judah. The Assyrian king’s representative taunts the people of Judah, boasting of the conquests of the Assyrian empire, including Arpad. This serves as a historical reference to the power and reach of the Assyrian empire during that time.

Jeremiah 49:23 also mentions Arpad in a prophetic context. The prophet Jeremiah speaks of the judgment that will come upon the city of Damascus and its surrounding towns, including Arpad. This passage highlights the consequences of disobedience and sin, emphasizing the sovereignty and justice of God in dealing with nations and peoples.

From a biblical perspective, the mention of Arpad in the Bible serves as a reminder of the historical and prophetic significance of ancient cities and civilizations in biblical narratives. It underscores the themes of judgment, redemption, and the overarching plan of God for His people throughout history.

In conclusion, Arpad was a notable city in biblical times, referenced in the context of military conflicts and prophetic warnings. Its mention in the Bible provides valuable insights into the historical and spiritual lessons that can be gleaned from studying the Word of God.

2 Kings 18:34
Jeremiah 49:23

Where was Arpad in the Bible?

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