What was Chilmad in the Bible?

Chilmad Near Nineveh

Chilmad is mentioned in Ezekiel 27:23 in the Bible. From a biblical point of view, Chilmad is identified as a place near Nineveh, which was an ancient city located in present-day Iraq. In Ezekiel 27:23, it is referenced in the context of a list of merchants and trading partners of Tyre, an important trading city in ancient times.

In biblical times, trade and commerce were significant aspects of society, and cities like Tyre engaged in extensive trading activities with various regions and peoples. Chilmad, being mentioned in this context, indicates that it was likely a location known for its trade and exchange of goods.

While the exact location of Chilmad is not definitively known today, it is believed to have been in the vicinity of Nineveh, an important city in ancient Assyria. The mention of Chilmad in Ezekiel’s prophecy serves to illustrate the widespread connections and interactions that existed between different nations and regions during that time.

In summary, Chilmad was a place near Nineveh known for its involvement in trade and commerce, as indicated in Ezekiel 27:23. The mention of Chilmad in the Bible highlights the interconnectedness of ancient societies and the importance of trade relationships in biblical times.

Where was Chilmad in the Bible?

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