Cyprus is a significant location mentioned in the Bible, known as Kittim in some instances. In a biblical perspective, Cyprus holds historical and biblical importance.

1. **Cyprus in Numbers 24:24 and Acts**:
In Numbers 24:24, Cyprus is referred to as Chittim in the King James Version. The Hebrew word used is H3794, which is transliterated as Kittim and can refer to Cyprus. In Acts, Cyprus is mentioned in various contexts, such as Acts 4:36, 11:20, and 21:16.

2. **Kittim in Genesis and Chronicles**:
In Genesis 10:4 and 1 Chronicles, Kittim is mentioned as one of the descendants of Javan, who is the son of Japheth. This lineage indicates a connection to Cyprus.

3. **Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel’s References**:
Isaiah 23:1, 23:12, Jeremiah 2:10, and Ezekiel 27:6 also make mention of Cyprus or its equivalent. These references highlight the geographical and historical significance of Cyprus in the ancient world.

4. **Elishah in Numbers 24:24 and Acts**:
Elishah is another name associated with Cyprus in the Bible, mentioned in Numbers 24:24. The Hebrew word used is H0473, which refers to Elishah, possibly representing Cyprus.

5. **Greek Reference to Cyprus**:
In the New Testament, Cyprus is referred to as Kuprios in Greek, emphasizing its importance in the context of early Christianity. Acts 4:36, 11:20, and 21:16 allude to the presence and influence of Cyprus in the spread of the gospel.

6. **Significance of Cyprus**:
Cyprus served as a strategic location in the ancient world, being a prominent island in the Mediterranean. Its inclusion in various biblical passages underscores its relevance in historical and geographical contexts.

In conclusion, Cyprus, also known as Kittim in some biblical references, holds a significant place in the biblical narrative and the history of the ancient world. Its geographical location and historical importance make it a noteworthy point of reference in understanding the biblical text and its cultural background.

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