What was En-hakkore in the Bible?

En-hakkore Near Beth-shemesh

En-hakkore is a place mentioned in the Bible in Judges 15:19. When Samson was thirsty, he cried out to the Lord, and God opened up a spring for him at a place called En-hakkore. The name En-hakkore means the spring of him who called in Hebrew. This location was near Beth-shemesh, which was a city in ancient Israel.

From a biblical point of view, the story of Samson and the spring at En-hakkore demonstrates God’s provision and intervention in the lives of His people. Even in the midst of difficult circumstances, when Samson was physically weak and in need of water, he turned to God in prayer, and God graciously provided for his needs by opening up a spring for him.

This account serves as a reminder that God is faithful to hear the prayers of His people and to provide for them in times of need. It also highlights the importance of turning to God in dependence and trust, knowing that He is able to meet our needs and sustain us even in the most challenging situations.

In conclusion, En-hakkore is a significant location in the biblical narrative of Samson, illustrating God’s faithfulness, provision, and the power of prayer. It reminds believers of the importance of seeking God in all circumstances and trusting in His ability to meet their needs according to His will.

Where was En-hakkore in the Bible?

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