King living at the time of United Monarchy

Hadadezer was a king of Zobah who lived during the time of the United Monarchy. He is first mentioned in 2 Samuel 8:3. Hadadezer was the son of Rehob. The name Hadadezer means Hadad is help or Hadad is my help. He is also referred to as Hadarezer in some translations.

In the Bible, Hadadezer is depicted as a powerful ruler who was defeated by King David of Israel. In 2 Samuel 8 and 1 Chronicles 18, it is recorded that David defeated Hadadezer and his armies in battle. This victory expanded the territory and influence of the kingdom of Israel under David’s reign.

The significance of Hadadezer in the biblical narrative serves to demonstrate the military prowess and strategic leadership of King David. It also highlights the fulfillment of God’s promises to establish and strengthen the kingdom of Israel.

From a biblical perspective, the story of Hadadezer and his defeat by King David can be seen as a testament to God’s faithfulness in granting victory to His chosen people. It reinforces the idea that those who trust in the Lord and follow His commands will be blessed and protected in their endeavors.

Overall, the account of Hadadezer in the Bible underscores the themes of divine providence, military conquest, and the fulfillment of God’s purposes through the actions of His chosen leaders.

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