Man living at the time of Divided Monarchy

Haroeh, also known as Reaiah, is a man mentioned in the Bible within the context of the Divided Monarchy period. He was from the tribe of Judah, specifically the lineage of Shobal, and the father of Jahath. The name Haroeh means seer or prophet in Hebrew (H7204).

In 1 Chronicles 2:52, Haroeh is first mentioned as a descendant of Judah. The tribe of Judah held significant importance in biblical history, being the tribe from which King David and ultimately Jesus Christ descended. Judah was one of the twelve tribes of Israel, and its prominence is highlighted throughout the Old Testament.

Shobal, Haroeh’s father, is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:50, and Jahath, his son, is mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:2. Jahath is also referred to as Reaiah in this passage.

From a biblical perspective, the mention of Haroeh, his lineage, and his association with the tribe of Judah serves to emphasize the importance of genealogy and ancestry in biblical narratives. It also highlights the continuity of God’s covenant promises through specific family lines, ultimately leading to the fulfillment of His redemptive plan through Jesus Christ.

In studying Haroeh’s story, we can see how even seemingly minor figures play a role in the grand narrative of God’s work throughout history. The mention of individuals like Haroeh reminds us of the intricate details and personal connections within the broader scope of biblical events.

As with all biblical figures, Haroeh’s inclusion in the genealogies serves to underscore the meticulous recording of God’s dealings with His people and the faithfulness of God in fulfilling His promises through various generations.

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