Man living at the time of Exile and Return

Jeuel is a man mentioned in the book of Ezra, specifically in Ezra 8:13. From a biblical perspective, we can provide a comprehensive definition based on this biblical reference.

Jeuel is listed among the individuals who returned from exile to Jerusalem with Ezra. The Bible does not provide much information about Jeuel other than his name and his presence among the exiles who returned. His name is also sometimes transliterated as Jeiel in other versions like the King James Version.

In the context of the Exile and Return, Jeuel represents one of the many individuals who were part of the group that journeyed back to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile. This period marked a significant time in Israel’s history when God fulfilled His promise to restore His people to their land after a period of punishment and exile due to their disobedience.

While Jeuel may not have a prominent role or detailed story in the Bible, his inclusion in the list of returnees is significant as it highlights the collective return of the people of Israel to their homeland. This event symbolizes God’s faithfulness to His covenant promises and His restoration of His people.

As with many individuals mentioned in genealogies or lists of returnees in the Bible, Jeuel’s presence serves to emphasize the broader narrative of God’s redemptive plan for His people. His name may not be widely recognized, but his inclusion in the biblical account underscores the importance of each individual in God’s sovereign plan for redemption and restoration.

In conclusion, Jeuel is a man living at the time of the Exile and Return, mentioned briefly in Ezra 8:13. While limited information is provided about him in the Bible, his presence among the returnees signifies his role in the larger story of God’s faithfulness and restoration of His people.

Ezra 8:13 : From the descendants of Adonikam, the last ones, whose names were Eliphelet, Jeuel, and Shemaiah, and with them 60 men.
– King James Version (KJV): And of the last sons of Adonikam, whose names are these, Eliphelet, Jeiel, and Shemaiah, and with them threescore males.

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