Man living at the time of the Patriarchs

Jeush is a figure mentioned in the Bible, specifically in the genealogy of Esau found in Genesis 36 and 1 Chronicles 1. Jeush is described as a man of the Edomites living at the time of the Patriarchs. He is identified as the son of Esau and Oholibamah, the brother of Jalam and Korah, and the half-brother of Eliphaz and Reuel.

From a biblical perspective, the Bible provides us with historical accounts of various individuals who lived during different periods. In this case, Jeush is noted in the genealogy of Esau, who was a prominent figure in the Old Testament. The genealogies in the Bible serve to trace the lineage of important figures and provide a historical context for understanding the events and people mentioned in the text.

Esau, the father of Jeush, is known for his relationship with his brother Jacob and the significant role he played in biblical history. The mention of Jeush, along with his siblings and parentage, helps to establish the lineage of Esau and the Edomites, who were a neighboring nation to the Israelites.

As with many genealogical records in the Bible, the primary purpose is to provide a historical and ancestral background for the readers. These details help to connect various individuals and families within the biblical narrative, showcasing the unfolding plan of God throughout history.

In conclusion, Jeush is a figure mentioned in the genealogy of Esau, providing a glimpse into the lineage of the Edomites and their connection to the Patriarchs. While his individual story may not be extensively detailed in the biblical text, his inclusion in the genealogy serves to enrich our understanding of the historical context and lineage of key biblical figures.

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