Man living at the time of the Patriarchs

Mezahab and Matred are individuals mentioned in the Bible in the context of the genealogy of the descendants of Esau, who was also known as Edom. These names are found in Genesis 36:39 and 1 Chronicles 1:50.

From a biblical perspective, Mezahab and Matred were likely real historical figures who lived during the time of the Patriarchs. The Bible does not provide extensive information about them, but their inclusion in the genealogy of Esau signifies their importance within the lineage of the Edomites.

Mezahab is mentioned as the father of Matred in the genealogy of Esau. The name Mezahab can be translated to mean waters of gold or golden water. This imagery could symbolize wealth or abundance, but the specific significance of this name is not explicitly explained in the biblical text.

Matred, the daughter of Mezahab, is also mentioned as a descendant of Esau. She is noted for being the mother of Mehetabel, who is mentioned in the same genealogy. Matred’s name means chastisement or fear. The significance of her name may suggest a sense of discipline or reverence within her family line.

In summary, Mezahab and Matred were individuals from the line of Esau, the Edomite patriarch. While the Bible does not provide detailed narratives about them, their names and roles in the genealogy serve to highlight their place in the lineage of the Edomites. This genealogy underscores the historical continuity of God’s covenant promises and the significance of each generation within the unfolding plan of redemption.

As with all biblical characters, studying the context of their mention in the Scriptures can provide deeper insights into the overarching themes of God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, and the fulfillment of His purposes through various generations.

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