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Mibsam is a figure mentioned in the Bible as one of the sons of Ishmael, who was the son of Abraham through Hagar, his servant. Mibsam is listed among the descendants of Ishmael in Genesis 25:13 and 1 Chronicles 1:29.

From a biblical perspective, Mibsam is understood to be a historical figure who lived during the time of the patriarchs. The Bible provides limited information about Mibsam himself, but his inclusion in the genealogy of Ishmael signifies his importance as a member of the lineage.

Ishmael, Mibsam’s father, was born to Abraham and Hagar as a result of their attempt to fulfill God’s promise of a son to Abraham. Despite being born outside of God’s promised lineage through Sarah, Ishmael and his descendants were still part of God’s plan and were blessed by Him.

The descendants of Ishmael, including Mibsam, went on to become prominent figures in the Arab world. Mibsam’s brothers are also listed in the Bible, highlighting the importance of their lineage and the role they played in biblical history.

Overall, Mibsam is a significant figure in the genealogy of Ishmael, representing a line of descendants who were part of God’s unfolding plan for humanity. His inclusion in the biblical narrative serves to emphasize the interconnectedness of various peoples and the sovereignty of God over all nations and generations.

Genesis 25:13
1 Chronicles 1:29

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