Man living at the time of Egypt and Wilderness

Nun is a figure mentioned in the Bible who belonged to the tribe of Ephraim. He is described as a man living during the time of Egypt and the wilderness journey of the Israelites. The name Nun is derived from the Hebrew word נוּן which means perpetuity or posterity.

Nun is first mentioned in Exodus 33:11, where it says, The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent. This verse indicates that Nun’s son, Joshua, served as a young aide to Moses and was a faithful follower of God.

In Numbers 1:10, when the Israelites were counted and organized for the journey to the Promised Land, Elishama son of Ammihud of the tribe of Ephraim was chosen to assist Moses in the census. This indicates that Nun belonged to the same tribe as Elishama and was likely a prominent figure within the tribe of Ephraim.

Joshua, the son of Nun, is a well-known figure in the Bible who succeeded Moses as the leader of the Israelites and led them into the Promised Land. He is mentioned in various books such as Exodus, Numbers, and Hebrews.

The tribe of Ephraim, to which Nun belonged, was one of the twelve tribes of Israel descended from Joseph, the son of Jacob. The tribe of Ephraim played a significant role in the history of Israel, particularly during the period of the judges and the divided kingdom.

In conclusion, Nun was a man of the tribe of Ephraim who lived during the time of Egypt and the wilderness journey of the Israelites. He is most notably known as the father of Joshua, who became a great leader of the Israelites. This information provides insight into the genealogy and lineage of important biblical figures within the context of Israel’s history and journey towards the Promised Land.

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