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Ohad is a figure mentioned in the Bible in Genesis 46:10 and Exodus 6:15. He is listed as a son of Simeon, who was one of the twelve sons of Jacob. Ohad is also mentioned in the genealogies of the tribe of Simeon in 1 Chronicles, where his descendants are listed.

From a biblical point of view, Ohad is seen as a significant figure in the history of the Israelites, particularly in the context of the formation of the twelve tribes of Israel. As a son of Simeon, Ohad would have been part of the lineage that eventually led to the tribe of Simeon.

Simeon, the father of Ohad, was one of the twelve sons of Jacob and is known for his involvement in the incident with his brother Joseph in Genesis. The tribe of Simeon is listed among the twelve tribes of Israel, and their descendants played a role in the history of the nation of Israel.

The mention of Ohad in the genealogies of Simeon highlights his importance as part of the tribal lineage. The genealogies in the Bible serve to trace the history and lineage of the people of Israel, showing the continuity and significance of each individual within the larger narrative of God’s chosen people.

Overall, Ohad’s inclusion in the biblical genealogies underscores the importance of each individual in God’s plan and the significance of the tribes of Israel in the history of salvation as understood from a biblical perspective.

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