Angle In Jerusalem

Angle is mentioned in 2 Chronicles 26:9 in the Bible. In this verse, it refers to a specific place in Jerusalem. The Hebrew word used here is מִקְצֹעַ (miq·ṣō·a‘), Strong’s H4740, which can be translated as angle or corner. King Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem, at the Corner Gate, the Valley Gate, and the Angle, and fortified them.

From a biblical perspective, the Angle in Jerusalem mentioned in 2 Chronicles 26:9 represents a specific location where King Uzziah fortified towers as part of the city’s defense. This detail highlights the historical and geographical context of Jerusalem during the reign of King Uzziah. It serves as a reminder of the strategic importance of Jerusalem in biblical times and the efforts made to protect the city.

The significance of this mention in the Bible underscores the importance of defending and protecting God’s chosen city, Jerusalem, as it held a central place in the religious and political life of Israel. It also reflects the biblical theme of God’s protection and provision for His people, as seen in the measures taken by King Uzziah to fortify the Angle in Jerusalem.

In conclusion, the mention of the Angle in Jerusalem in 2 Chronicles 26:9 provides a glimpse into the historical and geographical details of the city during King Uzziah’s reign, emphasizing the strategic importance of defending Jerusalem and the faithfulness of God in safeguarding His people.

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