Jerusalem is a significant city in the Bible, with various names and meanings attached to it. From a biblical perspective, Jerusalem holds great spiritual and historical importance in the biblical narrative.

1. **Jerusalem** (H3389) – This is the primary name for the city. Jerusalem is mentioned numerous times throughout the Bible, from Joshua to Revelation, signifying its central role in biblical history. Notable references include Joshua 10:1 and Revelation.

2. **Ariel** – Jerusalem is also referred to as Ariel, meaning Lion of God or Hearth of God. This name emphasizes the strength and sacredness of the city. (Isaiah 29:1)

3. **My Delight Is in Her (Hephzibah)** – Jerusalem is symbolically named My Delight Is in Her or Hephzibah, signifying God’s pleasure and delight in the city. This name reflects the special relationship between God and Jerusalem. (Isaiah 62:4)

4. **Forsaken (Deserted)** – At times, Jerusalem is depicted as forsaken or deserted due to its unfaithfulness and sin. This reflects the consequences

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