What was Aram-zobah in the Bible?

Aram-zobah Near Damascus

Aram-Zobah is mentioned in Psalm 60:1 in the Bible. In the New International Version , the verse reads, You have rejected us, God, and burst upon us; you have been angry—now restore us! (Psalm 60:1). The term Aram-Zobah refers to a region near Damascus, as indicated in the verse. The city of Damascus is located in modern-day Syria, and historically, it was a significant city in the ancient Near East.

From a biblical perspective, Aram-Zobah is identified as a region known for its military strength and conflict. It is often associated with the enemies of Israel and the challenges they faced in battle. In biblical times, Aram-Zobah was a powerful kingdom that posed a threat to the people of God.

The Bible Dictionary defines Aram-Zobah as a region near Damascus, known for its military might and opposition to Israel. The people of Aram-Zobah were often in conflict with the Israelites, and their presence symbolized the challenges and struggles that God’s people had to face.

The mention of Aram-Zobah in Psalm 60:1 serves as a reminder of the trials and tribulations that the nation of Israel endured. It reflects a cry for God’s intervention and restoration in the face of adversity. The psalmist acknowledges God’s rejection and anger but ultimately appeals for divine restoration and deliverance.

In conclusion, Aram-Zobah represents a historical and geographical context in which the people of God faced opposition and conflict. Through the lens of biblical theology, the reference to Aram-Zobah in Psalm 60:1 underscores the need for divine intervention and restoration in the midst of adversity.

Where was Aram-zobah in the Bible?

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