Beth-pelet Near Hazar-shual

Beth-pelet is mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 15:27 and Nehemiah 11:26. The name Beth-pelet means house of escape or house of flight. It was a location near Hazar-shual, which is identified as a place in the territory of Judah.

In a biblical understanding, Beth-pelet represents a physical location that held significance in the history of the Israelites. While the Bible does not provide extensive details about Beth-pelet, we can infer that it was a settlement or a place of some importance due to its mention in the Scriptures.

In Joshua 15:27, Beth-pelet is listed among the cities of the tribe of Judah, indicating its presence within the territory allotted to this tribe. This demonstrates the meticulous recording of land divisions and boundaries in the Old Testament.

Nehemiah 11:26 also mentions Beth-pelet as part of the repopulation efforts of Jerusalem after the exile. This indicates that Beth-pelet was a place where people lived and contributed to the community, even after the return from exile.

From a biblical perspective, every detail in the Bible, including the mention of places like Beth-pelet, serves a purpose in highlighting God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, and the historical context of His people. While Beth-pelet may not have a prominent role in biblical narratives, its inclusion in the Scriptures underscores the accuracy and reliability of the biblical accounts.

In conclusion, Beth-pelet was a location near Hazar-shual in the territory of Judah, mentioned in the Bible as part of the historical record of the Israelites. Its significance lies in its association with the land divisions of the tribes and the post-exilic repopulation efforts. This minor detail serves to enrich our understanding of the historical context of the Bible and reaffirms the meticulous recording of God’s dealings with His people.

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