En-rogel is a place mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 15:7 and 1 Kings 1. From a biblical perspective, En-rogel was a significant location in ancient Israel with spiritual and historical importance.

En-rogel is also known as En Rogel in the NIV translation. It is identified as a spring located near the southern boundary of Jerusalem. This spring was used as a water source for the city and its surroundings. In biblical times, water sources were essential for survival and were often strategic locations for gatherings and events.

In 2 Samuel 17:17, En-rogel is mentioned in the context of a secret meeting between David’s supporters and a spy. This indicates that the location was well-known and possibly had secluded areas suitable for private conversations.

In 1 Kings 1:9, En-rogel is mentioned in the narrative of Adonijah’s attempt to seize the throne of Israel. Adonijah gathered his supporters at En-rogel for a sacrificial feast, indicating that it was a place where important events, both political and religious, took place.

The Stone of Zoheleth, also known as the Serpent’s Stone in the King James Version, is another name associated with En-rogel. This stone may have had significance in the religious practices or rituals of the ancient Israelites.

In conclusion, En-rogel was a vital location in biblical times, serving as a water source and a meeting place for various events. Its mention in the Bible highlights its historical and spiritual significance in the life of ancient Israel.

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