Prophet living at the time of Exile and Return

Haggai was a prophet who lived during the time of the Exile and Return of the Israelites. He is mentioned in the book of Ezra chapter 5 verse 1. Haggai’s primary message was directed towards the people of Judah who had returned from exile in Babylon to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.

Haggai’s name means festal or festive, indicating perhaps a celebratory nature or a sense of timing in his prophetic ministry. His prophecies were delivered in a specific timeframe, which is recorded in the book bearing his name.

The book of Haggai in the Bible contains four messages from the Lord delivered through the prophet Haggai to the people of Judah. In these messages, Haggai urges the people to prioritize the rebuilding of the temple, which had been neglected in favor of their own houses. He emphasizes the importance of putting God first and seeking His glory above all else.

Haggai’s prophecies were fulfilled as the people responded to his message and resumed the work on the temple, which was completed in the sixth year of King Darius (Ezra 6:15). Through Haggai’s words, the people were encouraged to trust in God’s faithfulness and provision as they carried out His will.

In conclusion, Haggai was a faithful prophet of God who played a crucial role in motivating the returned exiles to prioritize the rebuilding of the temple and to seek God’s kingdom above their own interests. His messages continue to serve as a reminder for believers to put God first in all aspects of their lives.

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