Jokdeam Near Zanoah

Jokdeam is mentioned in Joshua 15:56 in the Bible, which states: Jokdeam, Zanoah, Kain.

From a biblical point of view, Jokdeam is a place name mentioned in the Old Testament as part of the territory assigned to the tribe of Judah during the time of Joshua. It is listed among the cities and towns that were allotted to Judah as an inheritance in the Promised Land.

The exact location of Jokdeam is not definitively known today, but it is believed to be near Zanoah, another town mentioned in the same verse. Zanoah is identified with modern-day Zanu’a, which is located in the central part of Israel. Jokdeam is likely to have been in close proximity to Zanoah, possibly as a neighboring settlement.

In the context of the biblical narrative, the mention of Jokdeam serves to document the division of the land among the tribes of Israel as they took possession of the land promised to them by God. This allocation of territory was significant as it fulfilled God’s promise to the Israelites and established their presence in the land of Canaan.

Overall, Jokdeam represents a specific geographical location within the biblical account of the distribution of land among the tribes of Israel, highlighting the historical and geographical aspects of the Israelites’ settlement in the Promised Land.

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