Jokneam is a place mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament. The name Jokneam appears in different forms in various translations, such as Jokneam, Jokmeam, and Jokneam. It is a city located in the territory of the tribe of Zebulun.

1. **Jokneam in Joshua 12:22** – In Joshua 12:22, Jokneam is listed among the cities conquered by the Israelites under Moses’ leadership. This verse provides a historical record of the conquest of the Promised Land.

2. **Jokneam in Joshua 19:11** – In Joshua 19:11, Jokneam is mentioned as one of the cities given to the tribe of Zebulun as their inheritance. This indicates that Jokneam was part of the land allotted to the Israelite tribes.

3. **Jokneam in Joshua 21:34** – Joshua 21:34 also mentions Jokneam as one of the cities given to the Levites as a city of refuge. This highlights the significance of Jokneam in the distribution of cities among the tribes of Israel.

4. **Jokneam in 1 Kings 4:12** – In 1 Kings 4:12, Jokneam is mentioned in the context of Solomon’s administration. This verse lists Ahilud as the official in charge of Jokneam, indicating that the city was under Solomon’s rule.

From a biblical perspective, the mention of Jokneam in the Bible serves to emphasize the historical accuracy and geographical significance of the events recorded in the Old Testament. The inclusion of Jokneam in various contexts underscores the meticulous details provided in the biblical narrative, reinforcing the authenticity of the Scriptures.

In conclusion, Jokneam was a city in the land of Canaan that held importance both in terms of conquest and inheritance for the Israelites. Its mention in different passages of the Bible highlights its role in the history and administration of ancient Israel, affirming the biblical accounts as reliable sources of information.

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