Neballat is a place mentioned in Nehemiah 11:34 in the Bible. It is identified by the Strong’s Concordance number H5041 which in Hebrew is written as נְבַלָּט. The specific location of Neballat is not explicitly described in the biblical text, but it is believed to have been a town or region within the territory of Judah.

From a biblical perspective, the significance of Neballat lies in its mention in the historical account of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was a key figure in the restoration of Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile, and his leadership in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and restoring the city’s spiritual life is highly valued in evangelical theology.

The mention of Neballat in Nehemiah 11:34 serves as a reminder of the detailed historical context of the Bible and the specific places and events that are recorded in Scripture. While Neballat itself may not have a prominent role in biblical narratives, its inclusion in the text highlights the meticulous recording of historical details in the Bible.

In conclusion, Neballat is a place mentioned in the book of Nehemiah, and its significance lies in its contribution to the historical accuracy and context of the biblical narrative. While there may not be extensive theological implications associated with Neballat specifically, its mention underscores the authenticity and reliability of the biblical accounts.

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