Ophel In Jerusalem

Ophel is a term found in the Bible, specifically in the books of 2 Chronicles and Nehemiah. In the biblical perspective, Ophel refers to a specific location in Jerusalem. The term Ophel is derived from the Hebrew word עֹפֶל (H6077) which signifies a fortified hill or stronghold.

In 2 Chronicles 27:3, it is mentioned in the context of King Jotham’s construction projects: Jotham rebuilt the Upper Gate of the temple of the Lord and did extensive work on the wall at the hill of Ophel. This verse indicates that Ophel was a prominent location in Jerusalem where construction and fortification works were carried out.

In Nehemiah, Ophel is also referenced in various passages, including Nehemiah 3:26, Nehemiah 3:27, and Nehemiah 11:21. These references highlight Ophel as a significant area within the city of Jerusalem, likely associated with fortifications and defensive structures.

From a biblical standpoint, Ophel serves as a reminder of the historical and geographical context of Jerusalem as a city with strategic locations for defense and worship. The mention of Ophel in the Bible underscores the importance of physical structures in the biblical narrative, reflecting the significance of Jerusalem as a central hub for God’s people.

In conclusion, Ophel in Jerusalem holds historical and biblical significance as a fortified hill or stronghold where construction and fortification works were carried out, emphasizing the strategic importance of this location in the biblical narrative.

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