Man living at the time of Divided Monarchy

Ophrah is a person mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:14 in the Bible. From a biblical point of view, Ophrah was a man of the tribe of Judah who lived during the time of the Divided Monarchy. He is only mentioned in this one verse in the Bible. Ophrah is noted as the son of Meonothai, and his name is derived from the Hebrew word Ophrah (H6084), which means fawn or gazelle.

The specific verse in 1 Chronicles 4:14 states, Meonothai was the father of Ophrah, Seraiah was the father of Joab, the father of Ge Harashim. It was called this because its people were skilled workers. This passage is part of a genealogy in the Bible and serves to trace the lineage of certain individuals.

As a person living during the time of the Divided Monarchy, Ophrah would have been a part of the historical and political context of the Israelites during that period. The Divided Monarchy refers to the time when the united kingdom of Israel split into two separate kingdoms, Israel in the north and Judah in the south, after the reign of Solomon.

In summary, Ophrah was a man from the tribe of Judah mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:14, living during the time of the Divided Monarchy. While the Bible does not provide extensive details about Ophrah, his inclusion in the genealogy signifies his place within the history and lineage of the people of Judah.

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