Descendants of Esau

Hebrew name: עֲנָה (‘anah)

Name meaning: The meaning of this Hebrew word is uncertain.

a. Son or daughter of Zibeon (Genesis 36:2) – According to the genealogy in Genesis 36, Anah’s father was a Hivite, a people group native to northern Caanan. Anah was related to one of Esau’s wives, making Anah an ancestor of the Edomites, a historical enemy of Israel. It is difficult to determine based on the wording of the text whether Anah was a man or a woman. Anah is also mentioned in Genesis 36:14, 18, 24, 25, and 1 Chronicles 1:40.

b. Son of Seir (Genesis 36:20) – Another descendant of Esau and the nation of Edom, a man named Anah is listed in Genesis 36 as a son of Seir the Horite. The Horites were another native people group displaced by Joshua during his conquest of Caanan.

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