The name of three men recorded in the Old Testament

Hebrew name: אָסָף (asaph)

Name meaning: “To gather”

a. Father of Joah (2 Kings 18:18) – Asaph is identified as the father of Joah, as mentioned in 2 Kings 18:18. The Bible does not provide extensive details about Asaph himself, but his son, Joah, was a recorder in the court of King Hezekiah.

b. Singer and psalmist (1 Chronicles 6:39, 9:15; Nehemiah 11:17) – Asaph was a prominent musician appointed by King David to lead temple worship. Asaph is credited with writing several psalms, which are included in the book of Psalms. Some of the psalms attributed to Asaph include Psalm 50, Psalm 73, and Psalm 83.

c. A forester (Nehemiah 2:8) – Nehemiah records correspondence between the Persian king Artaxerxes and Asaph, the keeper of Artaxerxes’ forest lands. Nehemiah requested timber from the forests to rebuild the temple and the city walls, which was granted by Artaxerxes.


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