Beth-rehob is a place mentioned in the Bible in Judges 18:28 and 2 Samuel 10:6. In the original Hebrew text, Beth-rehob is written as בֵּית רְחוֹב (H1050), which means house of broad places. Rehob, mentioned in Numbers 13:21 and 2 Samuel 10:8, is written as רְחוֹב (H7340) in Hebrew, signifying broad places.

Beth-rehob was a town located in the northern part of Israel near the region of Dan. It is believed to have been situated in the area of present-day Tell el-Qadi in Lebanon. Rehob, on the other hand, is a place that is also associated with the northern region of Israel.

In Judges 18:28, the town of Laish was conquered by the Danites, who then renamed it Dan, and they settled in the city of Dan and called it Dan, the city of Dan, in honor of their ancestor Dan, who was one of the sons of Jacob. Beth-rehob is mentioned in connection with this event as it was likely a neighboring town.

In 2 Samuel 10:6, the Ammonites hired mercenaries from Beth-rehob and Zoba to fight against King David of Israel. This incident led to a battle between the Ammonites and the forces of Israel.

From a biblical perspective, the mention of Beth-rehob and Rehob in the Bible serves to provide historical context to the events described in the Old Testament. These locations were real places that played a role in the narratives of the Israelites and their interactions with neighboring peoples.

It is important for believers to study and understand the geographical and historical details mentioned in the Bible to gain a deeper appreciation of the context in which the biblical events took place. This helps in interpreting the Scriptures accurately and applying the lessons and principles found in the Word of God to our lives today.

As followers of Christ, we can trust in the accuracy and reliability of the biblical accounts, including the mention of places like Beth-rehob and Rehob, as they are part of God’s inspired Word given to us for instruction, correction, and guidance (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

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