Beth-togarmah is a term found in the Bible, specifically in Ezekiel 27:14 and Ezekiel 38:6. In a biblical interpretation, Beth-togarmah refers to a region or a people group mentioned in the context of trade and military alliances.

In Ezekiel 27:14, Beth-togarmah is listed among the merchants who traded with Tyre. This indicates that Beth-togarmah was involved in commerce and had some level of economic prosperity. The mention of Beth-togarmah in the context of trade suggests that it was a region known for its resources or products that were sought after in the ancient world.

In Ezekiel 38:6, Beth-togarmah is mentioned as being part of a coalition of nations that will come against Israel in the future. This passage is often interpreted eschatologically, referring to a future alliance of nations that will oppose God’s people. The inclusion of Beth-togarmah in this coalition suggests that it will be one of the nations involved in this end-time conflict.

From a biblical perspective, Beth-togarmah is seen as a historical region or people group that played a role in ancient trade and military alliances. While the exact location of Beth-togarmah is debated among scholars, it is generally believed to be in the region of modern-day Turkey.

In conclusion, Beth-togarmah is a term that appears in the Bible in the context of trade and military alliances. It is mentioned in Ezekiel as a region or people group that had economic significance and will be part of a future coalition against Israel. This information provides insight into the historical and prophetic aspects of Beth-togarmah from a biblical viewpoint.

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