Beth-zur, also spelled Beth Zur, is a place mentioned in the Bible in various passages. The name Beth-zur means house of rock or house of strength. In the Old Testament, Beth-zur is identified as a town in the territory of Judah.

In Joshua 15:58, it is listed as one of the cities in the inheritance of the tribe of Judah: Halhul, Beth Zur, Gedor. This indicates its location within the region allotted to Judah during the division of the land among the tribes of Israel.

Beth-zur is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2:45 in a genealogical context, and in 2 Chronicles 11:7 in the account of King Rehoboam fortifying Judah against Israel. Additionally, in Nehemiah 3:16, Beth-zur is referenced as a location where repairs were made to the wall of Jerusalem during the time of Nehemiah’s rebuilding efforts.

From a biblical perspective, the inclusion of Beth-zur in the biblical narrative highlights the historical significance of this town within the context of Israel’s tribal divisions, genealogies, and political events. The mention of Beth-zur serves to authenticate the historical and geographical details provided in the Bible, affirming the reliability of the biblical accounts.

Overall, Beth-zur represents a tangible location that played a role in the history of ancient Israel, underscoring the intricate connections between the biblical text and the physical world in which these events took place.

For further study and understanding, individuals are encouraged to explore the biblical references to Beth-zur in their entirety, considering the broader historical and theological implications of its inclusion in the sacred text.

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