Greece, Javan, and related terms are mentioned in the Bible in various contexts. From a biblical perspective, let’s explore these references in detail:

1. **Greece**:
– In the Bible, the term Greece is primarily referred to as Yavan in Hebrew (Isaiah 66:19). Yavan is mentioned in the context of distant lands and nations.
– The nation of Greece historically played a significant role in biblical times, especially during the Hellenistic period after Alexander the Great’s conquests.
– In the New Testament, Greece is mentioned in Acts 20:2 as the Apostle Paul traveled through Macedonia and Greece, spreading the gospel.
– The Greek word used for Greece in the New Testament is Hellas (Acts 20:2), indicating the geographical region known as Greece.

2. **Javan**:
– Javan is mentioned in Genesis 10:2 as one of the descendants of Japheth, Noah’s son. Javan is associated with the maritime nations and is believed to represent the Greeks.
– In Isaiah 66:19 and Ezekiel 27:13, Javan is mentioned in the context of trade and commerce, particularly in relation to the trade of goods like wine.

3. **Wine**:
– In Ezekiel 27:19, the mention of wine, also translated as Javan in the KJV, is part of a description of Tyre’s extensive trading activities, including the exchange of wine from Helbon, a region known for its quality wine.

4. **Hellenist**:
– The term Hellenist refers to Greek-speaking Jews or Jews who adopted Greek culture and language. This term is used in Acts 6:1, Acts 9:29, and Acts 11:20 to describe a group within the early Christian community.
– Hellenists were part of the early church and were involved in the distribution of food to widows (Acts 6:1) and in the preaching of the gospel to Greek-speaking Jews in Antioch (Acts 11:20).

In summary, the references to Greece, Javan, wine, and Hellenists in the Bible provide insights into the historical, cultural, and trade connections of the ancient world, highlighting the diverse interactions between different nations and people groups during biblical times.

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