Hanes is a place mentioned in the book of Isaiah 30:4 in the Bible. In the context of this verse, Hanes is referred to as a city in Egypt. The Hebrew word used for Hanes in this verse is חָנֵס (H2609), which is transliterated as Hanes in English.

Isaiah 30:4 says, to Pharaoh, the king of Egypt, who had trusted in the shadow of Egypt, it will be a disgrace and a reproach.

In this verse, Hanes is likely mentioned as a symbol of Egypt’s strength or a place of refuge for the Egyptians. The prophet Isaiah is warning the people of Judah against seeking help from Egypt, as their trust in Egypt’s power will ultimately lead to disgrace and reproach.

From a biblical point of view, this verse serves as a reminder to put our trust in God alone and not in earthly powers or nations. It highlights the consequences of relying on human strength rather than seeking guidance and protection from the Lord.

In summary, Hanes in Isaiah 30:4 is a city in Egypt that symbolizes the false sense of security that comes from relying on human strength instead of trusting in God. It serves as a cautionary example of the consequences of misplaced trust and the importance of turning to the Lord for guidance and protection.

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