King living at the time of United Monarchy

Nahash, as mentioned in 1 Samuel 11:1, was an Ammonite king living at the time of the United Monarchy. The Ammonites were descendants of Ben-Ammi, the son of Lot and his younger daughter (Genesis 19:38). They were often in conflict with the Israelites and were considered enemies of God’s people.

In 1 Samuel 11:1, Nahash is described as the king of the Ammonites. This incident takes place during the time of King Saul’s reign over Israel. When Nahash besieged the city of Jabesh Gilead, the people of the city sought a treaty with him. Nahash, in a cruel and oppressive manner, demanded that the people of Jabesh Gilead surrender by having their right eyes gouged out. This was a severe and humiliating demand, indicating Nahash’s brutality and disregard for human life.

However, Saul, upon hearing about this, acted decisively and rallied the Israelites to come to the aid of Jabesh Gilead. In a swift and successful military campaign, Saul defeated Nahash and the Ammonites, delivering the people of Jabesh Gilead from their oppressors.

From a biblical point of view, Nahash represents a tyrant who opposed God’s people and sought to bring harm and humiliation upon them. His actions were in direct opposition to God’s commands to love one’s neighbor and to show mercy and compassion. The defeat of Nahash by Saul can be seen as a victory orchestrated by God to protect His chosen people and to demonstrate His faithfulness in times of trouble.

In conclusion, Nahash was an Ammonite king who displayed cruelty and aggression towards the people of Jabesh Gilead, but ultimately faced defeat at the hands of King Saul, illustrating God’s sovereignty and protection over His people.

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